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Updated 26 April 2018 23:35

Paula Hignet, of our Fulwood Cub group, along with 4th Fulwood scout group, is organising a fund raising walk for all age groups, to raise funds for her and 3 other colleagues to travel to Africa this coming October. They will also be taking children’s clothes and shoes to hand out at local churches. Last year, a lady walked over 7 miles to receive a pair of shoes for her son. Monies raised over the next coming months will help fund our travel expenses.

This is a collaborative humanitarian project between The British Society of Echocardiography and SUNheart. This takes place at local Secondary schools and Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

For more, read this information sheet. Click here

Paula will be in church on Sunday13th May and also on 10th June when she will talk about the 'Echo in Africa' project and inform people about the BBQ and walk.

Information and sign up sheets will be available in Willow Grove from now, or you can contact Paula via the details opposite.

Email Paula here