The Wesley Historical Society was formed in 1893 "to promote the history and literature of early Methodism".

At present there are 17 local groups covering the greater part of the British Isles which promote opportunities for people to gather together to stimulate interest in Methodist history and its traditions in a particular area.

The Lancashire Wesley Historical Society was formed in 1984 with the aim of maintaining an interest in the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, in Methodist history in all its traditions and in its chapels and the architecture set within the broader context of English history, with especial reference to the region covered by our District.

It has been our practice to have three meetings a year. Two have been outings to places of Methodist and historic interest within the District and further afield. Speakers of note and authority on Methodist history have been our invited lecturers at the other gatherings.

Non members are encouraged and invited to join us in our activities

A Bulletin is published twice a year and it contains articles, brief notes of significant events relative to Chapels, group activities etc. and studies of interesting personalities related to our area. Members receive the Bulletin free of charge.

The Archivist holds a collection of books and artefacts and always welcomes additions.

Membership is open to all and full information about the Society and its activities may be obtained from the Secretary or Editor.

The current annual subscription, due in September, is 3. New members are invited to send it immediately to the Treasurer.

Cheques should be made payable to Lancashire Wesley Historical Society.

Treasurer - Mrs Jenny Breare, 34 Leach Lane, Lytham St Annes FY9 3AP Tel: 01253 728907

Do you want to be a member of the national W.H.S.?

The annual subscription is 12 and entitles one to receive three issues of the WHS proceedings. Contact the Registrar: Revd Donald H Ryan, 16 Foxlands Drive, Lloyds Hill, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 5NB Tel: 01902 335556

Visit the Wesley Historical Society website.