Messy Nativity

For a number of years now we have held a family friendly Nativity Service on the Sunday morning before Christmas. This year is no exception but we are going to approach it in a different way. We are calling it a Messy Nativity, building on our regular Messy Church sessions and the Good Friday Messy Church which we have held for the past few years.

At this moment (I am writing this in early November) we donít have a definitive Act of Worship but there are many ideas bubbling away. Before 20th December we propose to print a flyer to outlining the morningís activities. So far we are planning to all gather in Church at 10.30am for an opening act of worship. (Some craft activities may begin at 10.00am and will temporarily adjourn to join the worship in Church). After this initial period we may split into groups to continue with crafts, prepare some music, drama, poetry and prayers, or we may remain in Church to explore the theme in a more traditional way. Everyone can choose how they spend their time and hopefully we shall explore the Nativity Story in a different way, sharing our thoughts and ideas about this very special time. Our morning will conclude with a closing time in Church to celebrate together.

Messy Church always includes creating in many ways, celebrating and chewing together! We wonít be providing lunch but we hope people will stay for coffee and there may be biscuits!! Hope you feel that you would like to join us in this exciting venture.

Delma Whitman